Beauty & Truth April Meetup

I'm part of a Facebook photography group called Beauty and Truth. It's a great place for us local photographers to get help, tips, tricks and just connect! We had our first meetup to check out a new location and just meet each other. We took some shots of a model and each other (which I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE doing! Now I know what my clients feel like! Some of us were definitely more natural than others...) and then had some yummy bruchesetta and talked some more. It was so fun! It's a great group of photogs! I must admit that I was NERVOUS going to the meetup cuz I felt like I was definitely on the older end, but when you have a common interest, you can be fast friends it seems. It was so fun to get out and away from the kids and just shoot for fun! I can't wait until next month!

My New Niece~Avery Belle | Utah Photographer

Now that I just posted Avery's Birth Story, here's her official newborn pictures. She was quite awake for being 10 days old, but eventually she gave in and was out for a few shots. She's a beauty!
This first shot was taken out in the field we did Tiff's Maternity pictures AND Avery's wrapped up in the dress Tiff wore. Her idea. Love it.
I like newborns to be fast asleep, but since she wasn't we did some cute awake ones with her mama. We did get some good cross-eyed ones too, but I won't post those! ;)
Finally, she was good and asleep! They are so poseable when they do that!

And now she's back awake! We needed a shot in her daddy's arms too!
I already love this baby and she's still so new! You guys make cute babies! Love you!

A Birth Story ~ Avery Belle | Utah Photographer

There were a few firsts going into this shoot. It was my first time photographing a live birth; it was my sister's FIRST baby; and since I've had ALL 4 babies C-section, this was MY FIRST time seeing a live birth! I WAS WAY EXCITED that my sister let me be apart of things. I don't think she will mind all the pictures she's getting too. SO sorry for the explosion of pictures, but it was such  a HUGE moment in their lives and I was just so excited and blessed to be there to document it. Here is the birth story of my newest niece, Avery Belle...

She labored a lot in the bathtub. Did I mention she did this all natural?? No drugs!! Yeah, she's pretty amazing. Especially for being in labor for almost 24 hours!
When her in-laws heard Tiffany was in labor, they drove all day from Washington to be there. They even had time to spare! They are first-time Grandparents so they were WAY excited. They had these hats made for the occasion.
David was by her side the WHOLE time. He was a great coach. She also had a great doula and midwife.
I like to call this "Helping Hands".
Here she is!!
They checked her all out and she is perfect. Look at those lashes!
David collapsed on the couch after the delivery. He was tired too.
Taking a look at his beautiful daughter.
Tiff, you look great after just going through probably the toughest day of your life!!
L-O-V-E this one.
The next day, I brought my family over to see their new cousin! I couldn't help myself and snapped a few more! Check out how LONG her eyelashes are! She got those from her daddy. :)
Tiff, you are A-MAZING and look what you have to show for it! She is beautiful! I'm SO happy for you guys and thanks SO MUCH for letting me be there for this monumental moment in your lives. She is just precious.