Tyler | Missionary Session

A few posts back I posted Tyler's senior pictures. Well his mission pictures get a post of their own! He goes to Mexico TODAY to learn Spanish and then off to Billings, Montana to serve a mission for the LDS church. Tyler is an exceptional young man and he is going to do GREAT things! AND my aunt and uncle just reported to the MTC (missionary training center) to serve in the same mission. Small world!

Ethan | Baby Session

This little guy is growing up before my eyes! And it really is before my eyes since he's my cute nephew. I mean, look at his chub! Soooo cute!

After doing a few pictures inside, we headed outside for a different look.

His hair is so fluffy! The back of it just blows with the slightest breeze and there's no getting it to stay down! Haha!

Steele Family | Family Session

So my 20 year class reunion is coming up and it's a little scary! I haven't seen anyone in YEARS! But I was excited to do Lacee's family pictures again and she's from my high school (and has aged WAY better than me!) so if the reunion is anything like our shoot, it should be just fine and A LOT of fun!

Such a fun family!! See these bloopers? And I had SO many more!