My Brother's Family | Utah Family Photographer

My brother needed family pictures...and pictures of his soon-to-be-3-year-old...and some blessing pictures of their new baby girl. I was happy to do it. They wanted some in front of the beautiful LDS Temple and then we just went across the street to do the rest!
 My nephew is such a happy boy. I kept trying to get him to hold 3 fingers up. He was crackin' me up!
 Yea! He did it!
 Sweet baby, Annie. My mom made her dress. Yeah, she's good.
Nothing like a mother's love.
Love you guys!!

Introducing...Family Portrait Mini Sessions!

It's that time of year again for Christmas card pictures! I would LOVE to do them NOW before it gets too COLD! I want to get in as many clients as I can, so I'm bringing back the mini sessions!
What's a mini session you ask? 2 different family poses on location, and a high-resolution CD with 10-15 edited images. I'll even include a unique Christmas card design, if you request it. :)
What's it going to cost me? $75 - That's 50% off my family photo shoot price!

You never know when that cold weather will hit here in Utah, so book your session now. Sessions will fill up quickly! The fall colors are GORGEOUS right now!
Call or email me at:

Sadie's 1 YO Photo Shoot | Utah Photographer

So yesterday's post was a little are the rest of them! I can't believe my baby's one year old already. She's almost walking! I'm glad she still loves to cuddle with me. :)
We started off doing just a normal shoot. A few with her Daddy...her favorite person. I don't mind a bit.
Here's her squishy, cheesy smile.
Now it's Party Time! Bring on the cake! I didn't want her to dig in it at first. I wanted a few of her just looking pretty with her fluffy skirt.
The tiara bugged her. I was trying to distract her from taking it off.
Enough of the cute it's time to dig in!
So there it is! She never did dig into it like I thought she would...but she still was plenty sticky and it was time for a bath. :)
As always, thanks for all your sweet comments!

i Heart Faces Smirk Photo Entry

I just got done editing my daughter's 1 year photo shoot. I thought this one with her head cocked to the side looks like she's wondering what I'm doing. Kinda cute.
I'll be posting the rest of her shoot soon. They involve cake and balloons! Gotta love it!

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Evans Family | Utah Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family again. Here's their session from last year. Sienna was 2 and was really giving me a run for my money! This year, she was a dream! What a difference a year makes! Lorlie's even a couple months prego and looks fab!

Just a reminder, to book your family sessions early so we can get them done before the bad weather and so I can enjoy my holidays. :)

i Heart Faces Vroom Vroom Photo Entry

Oh boy! I love photographing people with old cars so this week's photo contest was a must for me!! But then I had to decide which one?!!! In the end, I chose this one. It was an engagement session I did last spring. I loved it when he pulled out his guitar. They look like they're having the best time. And come on...a guy with a guitar...can't go wrong with that!

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Hancock Family

While we were at our reunion in California, we did a BIG group picture of the whole family. My sister-in-law, Jody set up her camera using my remote. I did the editing. That's what I call a collaboration. :)
So here's the whole family!
Then we decided to do a few of the grandkids. There's a lot of them! Thanks to Uncle Moe for putting on show they were really smiley.
Then we just played around with some ideas for a bit.
Then Sarah wanted some pictures of her and her husband. Dang! I wish mine with Shawn looked like this! We just couldn't do it!
And here's our try...not really feelin' it!

Sarah wanted a few of just herself for her new airbrush tanning business. If you're in Vegas and want to be airbrushed, give her a call.
She looks amazing! I guess it helps when you've modeled before...and an airbrush tan. ;)

My SIL also wanted her family pics done on the beach, but she was in charge of the family reunion and we couldn't ever make it work. So when we went down to LA, we made it happen at the resort we stayed the pool area. Hey! It still worked out!
This is Casey's super hero pose:

Thanks for all your nice comments on my family pictures! I've already got them hanging up in my house. I LOVE them!!
FYI-if you're thinking about booking a family session for Christmas, don't wait! I'm only booking until right before Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy the holidays this year. :)