Finn {Newborn} - Utah Photographer

This little guy made me get more excited for our little boy...coming in about 2 months!! Ahh!! He was a little older than the 10 day mark that I like to take pictures at so he was awake for a lot of the pictures, but he wasn't too squirmy and held most of the poses. Autumn is such a laid-back mommy to 2 other high energy boys. She didn't mind at all getting pooped on and peed on. It sure paid off! You guys have a beautiful baby (and an awesome yard for pictures!). Congratulations!
Not fair to look that good after just having a baby!
And we got THE shot after a little bit of work. :)

Tommy [Senior] - Utah Photographer

I love doing shoots for Seniors. Senior guys are really fun to do. They usually have a prop or something in mind. I love that Tommy fixed up this Bronco with his dad. He LOVES his Bronco and I love it too and was happy he wanted it in his pictures! Cars are such a big part of the High School scene and I love incorporating them into my photography. Give me some rust and I'm in love!
His mom thinks he looks just like his Grandpa especially with the hat, so we played a little with that. :)

If you know of any Seniors needing their pictures done, send them my way! I'll give you cash (up to $25 per session) or photo session credit for any Senior that books their session through you. :)

Tiffany & David~Wedding | Utah Photographer

I'm FINALLY posting my sister's wedding! I've been so busy enjoying summer and family and shooting. I can't believe the summer is half over already!
Anyway, Tiff's wedding was beautiful. She looked beautiful. David looked nervous. ;) It all went very smoothly. They have so many family and friends that love them. It was a good time for everyone. So without further ado, here are the pictures! Sorry so many of's my sis!
Love the Toms! Bling!
 The ceremony...
My beautiful mom and sister.
 David has an AMAZING voice. He serenaded Tiffany with a lovely song. It was beautiful.
What a great day. You guys make a great couple. Remember this day and how happy and blissful you felt. Make lots of memories and don't sweat the small stuff. Welcome to the family, David! We're happy to have you!

Aubrie's Bridals | Utah Photographer

I LOVE to do bridals! How can you go wrong with in-love couples and a gorgeous bride! The groom did NOT want to see Aubrie until she walked down the we had to be a bit creative. I think it worked out nicely! He seriously didn't even see her in her dress. Now that's discipline! I wish I could've done their wedding, especially since I've known Aubrie since she was like 12...but I was on vacation. I'm sure it was lovely. You two are a perfect match and I'm so happy for you!
Aubrie can be SASSY! Love it!
Love those big eyes of hers!