Grace | Senior Session

Grace was my first senior for the class of 2020...and could be my only one because of the Coronavirus! We did them back in the fall when the leaves were almost gone but we tried a location up Provo Canyon that I had never been to before and it was beautiful! We hiked around a bit but we found some great spots!

We had a few bloopers. People kept photo bombing us. It's a fun spot to explore!

Nickel Family | Extended Family Session

Oh my gosh! Coronavirus AND and earthquake?!! Things are just getting crazy around here. Let's pretend it's a normal day and I haven't posted in forever. Seems about right!
The Nickel family were fun, looked good, and were chill...literally. It turned out to be WAY colder than we thought for fall. It snowed during the night but that didn't stop us! I just worked fast!

Some of the littlest grandkids just couldn't do another sad!
This is my girl, Kristi, that hooked me up with her fabulous family to do a session!

ok...she's adorable!

Some fun bloopers! We can laugh even when we are cold! Memories!