Heald Family | Utah Family Photographer

Nothing but love for this family. We've been friends for years. Usually Colin, the husband, is whining about having to have his picture taken, but not this time! I don't know what it is with the husbands lately but they're all joking around and having a good time getting their pictures done instead of complaining. He would probably kill me if I posted some of the bloopers. But that's when I get the genuine smiles. Love it! And I'm lovin' these fall colors!

Brucker Family | Utah Family Photographer

This family is one of my best clients. I've taken their picture several times now. I certainly don't mind! They're such a beautiful family. Three beautiful girls and one boy...we hope to follow that pattern some day... :)
  Finally! A big smile from the baby!
  This friendly horse wanted to be in the picture too. No one minded a bit!
Between the crying, nursing, and spit-up, we couldn't ever get a good one of Landon. So we did it a few days later and he was all smiles.
Family pictures are in full swing right now! Hurry and book your session. I only have a few openings left!

Cambree Bambree

Every year for my kids' birthdays, we go out and do a photo shoot. I had an idea in mind for Cambree's but was getting frustrated with finding time to do it! So while Brinley was at dance class, I took Sadie and Cambree up to the canyon to shoot. It was quite the show hauling 2 strollers up the trail, one for Cambree and one with Sadie in it. :)
Yeah, this stroller is my neighbor's and when I saw it I knew I wanted it for Cambree's shoot. She was so excited too and we put a baby doll in it. Whenever I told her to talk to the baby, she'd get all excited and talk to her so cute. I loved it! She my little Miss Personality...if you can't tell. :)
An old lady was walking her dog and of course Cambree wanted to pet it. Then the lady asked if we'd like to have a picture with the dog. Cambree was all about that!
I love this one. This is what she does all the time with her tongue. She has a cute little lisp too.

Thanks so much for looking! I just don't know how to cut down the pictures when its my own. Thanks for all the nice comments.

Dunn Family | Utah Family Photographer

She's my best customer...maybe cuz she's my BFF. :) Her hubby is usually a PAIN, but he was having a good time joking around and I actually got some good pictures of him! Yeah! Sometimes the husbands are worse than the kids. The baby was teething so he wasn't very happy, but at least he wasn't crying...in these shots. :) Nicole, you've got a cute family! Love ya! Thanks for always trusting me and letting me try new things!

Carroll Family | Utah Family Photographer

I just loved photographing this family! I've known Kim & Cory while in High School so it was fun to see them and their cute kids! Kim was all about the props so I brought a lot and we had some fun!
This location is one I came across a while ago but have never used it. Kim wanted to go there so I was so happy about it...until a crazy lady came telling us (and about 8 other photographers! it was busy!) we weren't supposed to be there and that it was her Grandmother's house. She called the cops and wouldn't let anyone past the driveway. The cops came and couldn't really do anything because there wasn't any No Trespassing signs. Oh boy. At least we got the family shots in and then left to another location to do the kid shots. I'm glad Kim and Cory were cool with the whole thing! Oh boy.
ANYWAY, here are quite a few pictures of their cute family! I couldn't decide!
If you ever want to use any of my props for your session just tell me! They add a lot of personality and can change up an ordinary portrait. :)
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