Spencer | Senior Session

This week is graduation for this senior! I had to get his session blogged even though I'm behind on a few others...
Spencer is such a great guy. He wasn't thrilled to get his pictures taken but I try to make it as painless as possible! He was up for whatever I asked. Turns out that the location I picked, he has been there often to snowshoe and has even repelled off the bridge! Crazy! So it was pretty perfect I picked that spot. In the short time I got to know him, I can tell that he's the type of kid I hope my sons can be like. And he's got the best smile!
His mom suggested he jump off the bridge like this but I don't think she thought from that high up! At least I got it in one take!
I love it when seniors bring jackets, sweaters, sport equipment, instruments, or other props for their photo session. It makes it unique and shows what they've been up to during high school. Spencer was on the track team and the Student Council.
I'm pretty funny apparently. ;)

After those pictures, we needed to take his mission pictures. He's going to Japan in July! Wow!
And a few bloopers...I guess I like to make him jump off things. ;)
Juniors...be thinking about senior pictures for next year! I'd love to do them or you!!

Sarah | Senior Session

It's Sarah's turn now! She's such a beautiful and nice girl. She is my neighbor and always says "hi" to my little kids. My 7 year old just LOVES her!
It was nice doing the twins' mini sessions at the same time. We'd do a pose and swap them out. It was smooth and we got some great images. Sarah is so fun and let's face it, girls generally like to get their pictures taken more than boys. :)

I want to share a few more pictures of the two of them together. Twins are the best!