The Smith Family | Utah Family Photographer

It was great to get a call from Camille to arrange for me to take their pictures while they were visiting from Arizona for a family reunion. I love it when families make pictures a priority! They were so much fun too! The property we were able to shoot on was just lovely. I wish my house had such a nice yard!
The boys were so fun and had lots of ideas for photos! That's a change. Usually the boys are grumbling about getting their pictures taken. :)
Of course, I had TONS of bloopers! But here's just a few. :)
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My Brinley | Utah Child Photographer

I don't blog my kids very much but I always want to be sure I blog their birthday session. I love taking each of my kids on their own photo session. It's fun when they have ideas on poses and input on what they want to wear. Brinley is very much my go-with-the-flow girl and lets me do what I want. I love this little orchard we found with TALL grass. We had a great time! I can't believe I have an 11 year old!

Mercer Family | Utah Family Photographer

I'm always delighted when friends or relatives call to have their pictures taken. My cousin's family really needed their pictures taken because 2 of their 6 kids are leaving on a mission for the LDS church! What an exciting time in their family and it was a pleasure to document it. They have such a cute family and the kids were great...minus one older boy that hated the camera. :) I don't love being in front of the camera so I totally understand his pain!
 We also did a few pictures for the future missionaries.
 And...we can't forget the bloopers! There are some good ones!
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