Baby Blessing ~ Spencer

While I was down in Arizona with family, my sister wanted me to take a few pictures of my new nephew, Spencer. He was getting blessed and we didn't have much time before church started, but we got some cute smiley ones of the little guy.

We also did a quick family picture while at our family reunion. Rob needed it for his Orthodontic office down in Prescott, AZ. So if you're down that way and need braces, he is the way to go!
Love the sunburst and the big smiles!

Shelley Family | Utah Photographer

Awesome family. What can I say? The location was great. Subjects were so well-behaved...yes, even the dad ;) I would love to photograph them any day. Thanks, guys! You rocked this shoot!
These guys had a good serious look.

Eldridge Family | Utah Photographer

As soon as I saw what these guys were wearing I was excited! I love the bright blue, green and orange! I knew it would pop in the location we were going. Great job, Autumn! These boys sure kept me on my toes! One 3 year old and one 2 year old...we definitely had to pull out all the stops! Dad even came prepared with big circles to have them stand on...but it didn't work. You just never know with kids!
Such a gorgeous couple!
He was hiding from me, but I'm glad he did! LOVE his eyes!
Just another reminder that I'll be out on Maternity Leave for the month of October. I'll be doing a limited amount of sessions in November and December so book them now to reserve your spot! I've already got some spots filled, so hurry and book!

My Sadie~2 Years Old

Oh boy. 2 Year Olds are not the most cooperative, especially when it's your own child. She didn't like to sit on the chair. She didn't want my candy. She didn't want to sing or clap. She didn't really want to even look at me. She did dance though and that was probably the best frames I got. But she's mine and I love all of her pictures. They certainly capture her darling personality!
I love her scowl. Ha ha!

 Here are those dancing ones. My older girls were great at getting her to dance!
...oh, and her "O" face.

Annie~1 Year Old~Cake Smashing! | Utah Photographer

Love this little one and her cute chubb! Her eyes are gorgeous too! She wasn't as into smashing the cake as we all thought she would be. It took her a while to actually dig in. It's always fun to do these shoots and see what they will do.

My Brother's Family | Utah Photographer

It's always fun to do pictures for can be a little more yourself and relaxed. ;) These guys always smile easy and are great to work with. I have such cute nieces and nephews!
Justus isn't quite 4 yet, but we did his pictures anyway since his birthday is right after my baby is born.

 We found a dock and a boat that the owner let us use. I love the blue boat with his eyes!
The lady even let us borrow her fishing pole!
We also got a few of Annie since she's a big 1 year old now! I'll be posting her Birthday Cake smashing a little later!
I just LOVE those rolly-polly arms!
Playing catch-up before the baby gets here! I should be posting a lot more often! Stay tuned. :)