My Sister...Got Hitched! | Sneak Peek

Yup! My sister tied the knot on Thursday. I was happy to be the photographer...although it was stressful at times. I was sure glad Tracie was there to help me out.
Mandy, you're gorgeous! Nate, you're one lucky guy! Welcome to the family. :)
Much more to come! Hopefully soon...

i Heart Faces Purple Photo Entry

I'm in the middle of editing about 4 shoots, but I really wanted to enter a photo in the i Heart Faces contest this week. It's been a while. I like it when they pick a color because the entries have tons of variety. So in celebration of wedding season, here's mine! I love her sultry, sexy look. :)
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Richardson Family | Utah Photographer

Katie and I have been friends for oh, maybe 27 years! Yeah, we were best buds as young kids. Then I moved away, she moved away, we lost touch and then got back in touch. I'm so glad we have! She is such a great person and a wonderful mom. Her laugh is contagious and she's so much fun. I can't wait to see some good BYU games this fall with you guys. Go Cougars!

Sneek Peek

I've been dying to edit this wedding I photographed last week but I've got some other sessions to edit (& a much needed vacation!). So this one will have to do for now. Stay tuned for TONS more!
And as always, thanks for your wonderful comments!

Bodily Family | Utah Photographer

It is wedding season but I've been able to squeeze in a few family shoots in between, especially when they come from out-of-town and they're a former roommate from college! Man! Those were good times. I haven't seen Rachel in probably 5 years. They moved out to Illinois but were in Utah for a family reunion.  I was so happy she made the time to get her pictures done and so I could see her and her cute family. They're daughter, Megan, is a little firecracker! She was always making funny faces. I should make a blooper reel. :)
Holy eyes, Rachel. You are gorgeous!

Craig & Roxanne {Married} | Utah Photographer

'Tis the season for weddings! I've been up to my eyeballs with weddings right now, but I love it. I love remembering my own wedding. It was the best day of my life. :)
Anyway, this is Craig and Roxanne. They needed me to take pictures at the LDS Temple on their wedding day and I was happy to oblige. Aren't they a cute couple? I could literally FEEL the love they have for each other. Craig absolutely ADORES Roxanne. See for yourself:

  You're beautiful, Roxy, even though you don't like getting your picture taken. ;)

Congratulations you guys! You're going to have a great life together.

Mandy & Nate's Bridals/Groomals | Utah Photographer

I don't quite know how to title this shoot. I've been wanting a bride that will have her fiance with her on her bridal shoot. I guess it's a new trend and I like it. But most brides don't want their fiance to see her dress. Luckily, my sister lets me do whatever I want and was down with the idea. I LOVED  how these turned out! She picked the locations and I LOVE them! Just my style. We started at the orchard and realized she didn't have her bouquet. She left it at home a 30 minute drive away. So my OTHER sister went back and got it while we took our time getting plenty of fun shots. Oh boy!
We went inside this old building. LOVE it!
We were at this location so long, we tried a dandelion shot. Those suckers were hard to blow off! It took both of them blowing. It was pretty funny!
Rawr, Mandy.
I thought I'd try a vintage feel. She doesn't dig this picture.