i Heart Faces Halloween Entry

I had a few to choose from for this entry, so I had my 4 year old pick her favorite. Of course she's going to pick the princess tea party! I just love the expression on this girl's little face.


Yup! It's official! I'm back off Maternity leave, ready or not! My baby's been a little more needy than I anticipated. I think I was spoiled with my first two babies...they were SO good! Good thing she's so darn cute!
What better session to come back to than for a dear friend from high school and college roommate. We lost contact for several years, but thanks to Facebook she found me! Her 2 yo was a little bit of a challenge, but after I found the trick she was easy and had such a cute smile!

Christmas Cards!

I'm trying to get out of baby-mode and back into photography-mode. It's been so nice to relax and enjoy her, but I do need to get back into the swing of things! I'm missing it!
What better way to do that than to think about Christmas coming up!! I LOVE Christmas time and I LOVE Christmas cards! So I thought I'd post some of the ones I did last year to get you thinking about what you want to do this year. I've got some great new ideas for this year too!
Since I'm cutting back on my photo sessions, I only have 5 sessions left (one in October and the rest in November) if you're wanting Christmas cards. I include a free card design when you book ANY photo session. Book it now so you can get first pick with the nice fall colors!!
{This family took their own picture and I made a card for them for a small fee.}

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