Senior Shoot

Since we moved, I've been needing to get my name out there. I really love doing High School Senior Pics so I approached a girl in my neighborhood to see if I could do a shoot of her in exchange for some advertising for me. She was game! Yea! So we got down to business! She sure knows what she's doing! She brought all sorts of outfits and had lots of ideas! I LOVE that!! That way, her personality comes through the photos. I LOVE how these turned out!

Newbornish Baby Shoot

I say Newbornish because she was 2 months old. It was a little trickier because she wouldn't stay asleep and she didn't want to stay curled up. But we still got tons of CUTE ones!! It's so fun using props on girls! It just adds so much! (Sorry there's so many...I just couldn't cut any out! There was great variety!)

 She didn't like my teapot, I guess. ;)

Date Dance Pictures

So I was excited when my niece called me up and said she wanted me to take pictures for them instead of the boring ones at the dance. I've seen other photogs do this and I wanted to try. So here's my try!!
(Don't look too closely...there are shadows everywhere! Of course, it was late so no natural light...someday I'll get a fill flash!)


2 BIG Family Shoots!!

Just in case the holidays aren't already crazy enough, I scheduled 2 BIG family shoots for the weekend after Christmas. Yeah, I was a little nervous/stressed! And add weather as a factor on top of that and it gets real crazy!! Luckily, the weather was great...except it being a little too bright for one of the families and they were squinting a little. Darn it! It was also REALLY cold, but nobody complained except the kids!! There's a great shot with all the kids crying!! So sad!!
 Wow! This was so hard to get all of them to look and NOT CRY! Didn't happen! But I still love it anyway.