MY Gender Reveal

Yup! I'm announcing it! I'm pregnant (again). The final round. Since it's our last, I wanted to do the popular gender reveal. I wanted it to just be my little family but thought a cake would be a fun way. So I gave the envelope with the pictures of the baby to my friend to make the cake. (Isn't it fabulous?) I didn't even peek! I was so proud of myself...but I really wanted to be surprised with my family. It worked! I was SO surprised!
My friend who is a photog took these pictures. It was such a fun moment!
It's a BOY!!

 The confetti was a fun way to celebrate too!
 He had no idea what was going on. He just thought it was a party!

John & Nicole's Manti Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of going to Manti with my sister-in-law to second shoot for her. It's always fun to have a little girl's trip. I've never been to a wedding at the Manti Temple so it was fun going somewhere new. They were such a cute, fun couple. They were up for anything. I just love weddings!
The weather was so crazy! These were taken a few months ago and one minute the sun would be out and then it would be cloudy with snow flurries. It was crazy! But we got some great pictures!
 I just love the help she had that day too...

Baby Liam | Utah Baby Photographer

My sister lives in Arizona and when she came for a visit, we just had to do pictures of Liam! He was almost 3 months so not sitting up or really even lifting his head. So we stuck him in a basket and did get some of him asleep too. It was definitely a mini shoot but he's such a smiley baby and we got plenty of cute ones!