Dalton {Senior} | Utah Senior Photographer

Miss Dalton...with the gorgeous eyes. We set these up on a super-windy day...I think the wind worked with us though. :) We had a great time and I love all the props she brought...I promised I wouldn't post one of the props though and I will honor that. ;) She does everything from music to sports. Dalton, you have LOTS ahead of you! I'm so excited that you're on the verge of your next big adventure! You a beautiful! Take a look...

 Congrats to all the 2012 Seniors!!
For all you 2013 Seniors, it's never too early to start thinking about your Senior pictures. I have a rewards program too! Email me for more details at missy@xp-photography.com

My Boy! 6 Months Old | Utah Photographer

Wow! Where has the time gone (...not to mention that he's almost 8 months now)? I just wanted to show off his 6 month pictures...better late then never, right? :) He is quite the chunk and we love him to pieces!!
You think my husband had a say in these ones?? I think so! I just planned to have the beanie, a football, and jeans. Then he went all BYU crazy on me pulling out all his memorabilia. It was all good. I loved how they turned out and I love that he gets so involved with his boy.

Summer is pretty much here! And so is the warm weather!! Book your shoot so we can enjoy this weather together. It's just going to get busier the longer you wait! ;)

Aubrey-6 Year Old | Utah Photographer

I have so many sessions I need to blog! My back went out a little while ago and I'm just now feeling almost completely recovered. So hopefully I will be posting lots of sessions!
Aubrey is Easton's sister, so we did their shoots at the same time. But Aubrey needed a post of her own! She worked it out! LOVE these!
If you have some cute kiddos that need their picture taken, shoot me an email. I'd LOVE to set something up!

Easton-3 Year Old | Utah Photographer

I just get the cutest kids to photograph. I've done Easton's pictures for a long time and he just knows what to do! 
He was telling me it was cold! Love his "cold" face. :)
He was kinda done with me...but it made for a cute picture!

He's trying to show me he's 3. So cute!

 Gotta show off the BYU hat!