Eliza ~ 6 Months Old | Utah Baby Photographer

I've had this blog for so long that I'm sure I've already said it, but I will say it again… I LOVE taking pictures of 6 month old BABIES!! They can usually sit, they usually aren't crawling yet, and smile so easily. I LOVE it! We had fun with this baby girl!

It was threatening rain but all we needed was 10 minutes to get these cute shots in this vintage bathtub. We did it and started raining right at the end. Perfect.

Salmond Family | Utah Family Photographer

So this session was pretty last-minute since their son was in town from California just to graduate from BYU. Luckily, they are family and I do stuff for them like that. ;)

Easton and Parker - Best Brothers | Utah Child Photographer

Every year I get to take these cute kids' pictures. We decided to do their session together and then maybe we would get some cute brother pictures. Well, it started raining so we waited it out in the car (& waited for a prom group to leave) and then resumed the session. We got some great images and great brother pictures. Love these boys like my own.
This is Easton...
 Heeerrree's Parker!
 Boys will be boys...