Nicole & Nathan's Wedding

It was a beautiful summer day. A perfect day for a wedding. Nicole booked The Officer's Club at Camp Williams for the occasion. Her mom and aunts decorated the place beautifully and there were personal touches everywhere. Nathan's kids were the flower girl and ring bearer. They were SO cute and just LOVED joining in on the celebration. Tracie Ruffner from Rock Love Photography helped me capture some of the day. The day went smoothly and I loved being a fly-on-the-wall for the occasion.
The day started off with Nicole getting ready in a nearby hotel. We can't have the groom seeing the bride before she walks down the isle!
 After the ceremony, they had a luncheon for all the guests. Again...I LOVED all the details!
After the luncheon, there was time to take group pictures and then some pictures of the happy couple. It was a little windy so our posing was very strategic! ;)
 Following pictures, there was ample time for dancing!
 It was a day to remember! Thank you for having me!

Jaylyn & Jalisa ~ Two Year Old Twins

Two year olds are probably the hardest for me to my expectations weren't too high. We had tried to take their pictures after family pictures, but that didn't work out. Jaylyn would've done it but Jalisa was DONE! So we tried another day. This time, Jaylyn was off and Jalisa was on but at least Jaylyn could be bribed! We caught some precious moments and I'm so excited with how these turned out! I know their mom is too!
They love to read books so this was the perfect prop!
Of course we have some bloopers. They loved my little puppet I brought. They got a hold of it and didn't want to share with each other. Such is life as a twin! Two of everything or you have to share!