Wilcox Family | Utah Family Photographer

Well, I wish I could say that the next photoshoot I did was nice weather, but this time it was worse! We couldn't reschedule so we just hoped for the best! It was windy and rainy so we ended up with a mini session…and sometimes all you need is just one good shot and I think we accomplished that at least! This family were some of my very first clients when I was just starting out. They let me experiment with their two oldest boys…then they moved away and now they are back. Yay! You can't go too wrong with such cute boys!
Yeah, the little guy was done!
 We had PLENTY of bloopers to choose from! They were such good sports in spite of the weather.

Walters Family | Utah Family Photographer

It's fun to get referrals and to meet new people. However, I wish we could've done their pictures in warmer weather especially since they just moved a few months ago from California! The 3 year old was FREEZING! I felt so bad for her! The kids were all good sports though and we got through it with some great images. I really like shooting at The International Peace Gardens too. So much variety!
Yeah, the kids were so done by the time we did this!
 And the bloopers…they were finding ways to stay warm!

Belen's Kids | Utah Child Photographer

These kids are some of the most polite kids I've met. I was happy when Belen asked me to take their pictures again. They are so easy that it's hard not to take too many! And going to Thanksgiving Point is definitely a plus too!

 And a few bloopers to finish off the session...

Dunn Family | Utah Family Photography

We have been friends for a LONG time and it's nice to not be nervous or stress about her photo sessions. She just had twin girls a few months ago so we wanted to wait until they were out of the newborn phase before we took the family pictures. They are so cute! Her 2 and 1/2 year old gave us a bit of trouble though! He only wanted his dad. So the family pictures worked out because he was holding him, but the kid pictures...well, he wasn't having it. Turns out, Nicole thinks they are cute! That's how he is at this stage in life and we captured it!
Look at all those kids! ;)
Nope. Not having it.
This one she put on her Christmas card...along with a few others...in fact, here's her card I made:

Eliza's Newborn Pictures | Utah Newborn Photographer

I already felt connected to little Eliza since I got to witness her birth. What a sweetheart she is! She is so beautiful and such squishy, chubby cheeks too. I love it! She was really good and probably the shortest newborn session I've ever done. Check it out...