Smith Family | Utah Family Photographer

This family is awesome! They needed their family pictures taken very last-minute. They had been picked to go to Guatemala (I think that was the country!) to be missionaries and to help better the community they would be living in. It's a mission for the whole family and could be there indefinitely! Pretty crazy! They are just awesome though and I was so happy to be able to document this wonderful family. Best of luck to you guys!
...AND I had to include some bloopers. This kid was just making faces all over the place! Ha! So funny!
Also, if you didn't get a chance to check out Our Forever Neverland blog, a new week went up last week. I'm still using pictures from our trip. Is that cheating?? ;)

Aubrey~7 Year Old | Utah Child Photographer

I've been photographing Aubrey since she was a baby. It's so fun to see her cute personality come out in these photos...AND it was the day they brought home their puppy, Maisy! Aubrey has been begging for a dog for years and her parents finally got her one. She was so happy and I LOVE that we got to take pictures with the puppy. This puppy won't be little for long!

Family Vacation | Our Forever Neverland Project

We took a trip to Oceanside for spring break. We haven't taken a trip for a LONG time because of our little stinker-boy that hates the car. So my mom watched him and we just took the girls for a trip. It was SO nice and much-needed!!
For the Our Forever Neverland Project, I used images from that trip. I still might use more since I did take my big camera out and got some great images. Almost nothing beats the beach or Legoland for great images! So these are from my submissions last week and this week. :)

Checkout the rest of the images here. LOVE this project!

Andy & Dorothy's Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer

It was a cold, rainy March day, but that didn't put a damper on this wedding! I was happy to be able to witness the marriage of Andy and Dorothy. It was a simple wedding and oh so relaxed. But the love filled the house. Family was everywhere taking care of things and I was just able to sneak around and document everything going on. Sometimes I wish I would've gone the more simple route and just had family come. Big weddings are so fun but small weddings are more intimate. I guess I love them both!
Be sure to check out their groomals here. They were so fun!