i Heart Faces Blue Entry

So I have a little more time on my hands while rocking the baby to sleep, so I've been surfing the internet. I've heard about the iHeart Faces blog but just haven't gone there yet. It's a really great blog with inspiration and contests. I thought I'd give this contest a try! I love to re-visit some old photos.

Her 1st Appearance!

Yup! I had my baby! We named her Sadie Noelle (even though she wasn't born around Christmas). She was born on August 28th. She's my first baby with HAIR! and it's curly! I was so excited to see that!
I did her pictures when she was just 8 days old (perfect time to do them) but hadn't gotten around to editing them yet. They were all taken in various rooms in my house. I just got a portable wood floor that I'm LOVING that are in some of the pictures. I tried a few things and I'm also loving to do some outdoor ones. I shouldn't be so afraid of the outdoors with newborns as long as it's warm!
So, anyway, here is her first appearance and I'm sure there will be many more to come! Sorry for all the pics, but I'm totally in love with her!