Johnson Family | Utah State Capitol

It was happy when my friend contacted me to do some pictures...mainly, Mommy and Me pics with her cute toddler. Time sure does fly! I haven't seen my friend since High School! It was really great to see her and meet her cute family. I told her I would love to do her session with blossoms. She was super excited about that idea and I found out that The Capitol was going to be blooming in a few weeks. Blossoms are a little hard to schedule since you never know when they will come on and how long they will stay on. You have to be pretty flexible. The weather was definitely iffy on the day we picked but it turned out beautifully!! How have I never shot there before?! It was beautiful!! And there were a million other photographers there too with the same idea. It's a dream!!
Her shoe kept falling off or she would get little rocks stuck in them. Toddlers are so funny. You just have to go with it!
Dad came shortly after the session started. It was so cute they way they interacted when he got there.

Easton's Baptism Session

Last weekend this handsome kid was baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. There's no better place to do a baptism session than on the temple grounds and the flowers were just beautiful! Easton is such a great kid! Congratulations!!