Brooklyn's 11 YO Pictures | Utah Child Photographer

Brooklyn is certainly used to me taking her picture. I've been doing it since she was born and she's always been easy to photograph. We went to a little orchard to take a few shots and it was just beautiful.

Her mom came along and we took a few maternity ones. She's having TWIN girls!! We just had to capture that belly! I can't wait until they are born to do my first twin newborn session!

Collette Family | Utah Family Photographer

Well, it's my birthday today and I thought I'd do a little blogging. Next on my to-blog list, happens to be my sister's family session! This is my younger sister who's birthday is 4 days before mine. I was 11 when she was born and I hoped she would be born on my birthday. Not the case. But I still adored her and did her hair and dressed her any day I could. Sundays were my favorite. ANYWAY, enough's her cute family and her adorable daughter that she gets to dress up!
David is rockin' the stache. ;)
We also did a mini session with Avery...she wasn't very interested in it at all. She liked feeling the grass between her toes and playing with sticks more. She's still cute especially in the salmon dress I gave Tiffany at her baby shower! It finally fits!

 Blooper time!

 I love the one with her eyes closed. I told Tiff and David to close their eyes and she did too. And...the last one of her...she'd had enough!!! Those moments are the real ones, folks! But we still get the beautiful ones in between. :)

Logan's 2 YO Pictures | Utah Child Photographer

More boys!! I had the pleasure of taking my nephew's pictures. They have been in Ohio for a few years and I haven't gotten to take his pictures very much. He is so smiley and fun! I love that they brought some of his favorite toys. And they happen to be his daddy's cars and trucks when he was little. Love it! Right before the session, it was POORING rain and windy! They were coming about an hour away and still wanted to go for it. Luckily, the rain stopped right when we were ready to drive to the location and was just fine the entire time! You just never know with this Utah weather!

My Family Pictures in the Dream Orchard | Utah Family Photographer

I have been dreaming of having our family pictures in this orchard for a few years. I was able to get my friend, Tracie from Rock Love Photography to take them for me. I shopped for months finding the perfect clothes for the session. Then, it was time to wait for the blossoms to bloom. They came suddenly and we found a night we were both available and went for it. My kids were less than perfect, but I guess you can't get everything you want.
Sorry for the explosion of pictures! I just love my cute family and how these turned out.
I'm blowing this one up and putting it on a canvas:

We shook the trees so it was "raining" blossoms. They didn't show up much. :(
I don't know why I kept so many walking ones. I just loved them!
These two are such good buddies…most of the time.
I'm usually not a fan of pictures of us together. We are awkward. Now I know how my couples and feel sometimes!

And some fun bloopers...
Thanks, Tracie! You're the best!!