Glenn Family Pictures | Utah Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of taking pictures for the Glenn Family. She was my roommate way back when and recently moved to Utah. I was happy she wanted me to do their family pictures but I for sure needed my husband there for backup. I thought she had 5 kids but she has 6! It was a little crazy (what session doesn't with little kids?) but we got some great ones. The candid ones are my favorites anyway. :)
 The kids all just adore their baby brother!
 Kierstin, you haven't changed a bit! You are beautiful and an amazing/patient mother!
 My favorite. Often, the last frame is.

And some bloopers...these are always unedited and so fun! There was definitely running, face-pulling, and sulking. Personalities show themselves in the bloopers. I always give my clients the bloopers!

Cooper's One Year & Cake Smash Session | Utah Child Photographer

I'm always excited to do cake smash sessions. And it's even better when mom brings all sorts of things to celebrate...but I'm getting ahead of myself. We started at the marina with the gorgeous mountains in the background (yes, his mom and dad were always on both sides of him). Cooper never moved even when we tried getting him to crawl. He was such a solemn kid but we did get some smiles from him. Here he is in all his cuteness!
 What cute shoes! If only they stayed on better...but who cares for pictures, right?!
 Then, we stripped him down and got out all the fun birthday stuff! He was loved digging into the cake. His personality was finally coming out!
 And here is the moment when he refused to let go of the balloons the rest of the time. One hand on the balloons and the other in the cake. So funny!
 I love the excitement in those feet!

 Whoops! The cake tipped over! He didn't really care. Lovin' the frosting in his hair.

Collette Family | Utah Family Photographer

My sister's in-laws are absolutely wonderful! They like to have pictures taken and have had me do their pictures many times when they come visit from Washington.
I was SOOOO excited when I saw Rock Canyon was in full color! It was gorgeous! I love how these turned out. And they absolutely adore little Avery! Isn't she cute? She definitely has a mind of her own and we had to be a bit creative to get her to cooperate and smile but we eventually got it!
 Isn't my sis gorgeous? Such a beautiful family!
 Ally...gorgeous. Gorgeous skin, gorgeous hair...
Last one left in the family...she gets pictures with mom and dad. :)
 Avery is a momma's girl! We had to get creative to get a picture with the grandparents (see bloopers).
 LOVE these! Yummy sunflare...
 Avery was going, going, going! I could only get a shot of her in her mommy's arms.

BLOOPERS! See? They ADORE Avery!