Marlie & John | Formal Session

My cute niece got married (yeah, I'm a slow blogger but we already know that)! I was excited to do their formal session. Everything was a little backwards because of COVID. They have actually been married civilly for about a month or so but Marlie wanted the whole reception and everything when they got sealed in the LDS Temple and I don't blame her!  

We shot their formal session at the Hari Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. We set up a first look and their reactions were really cute!

We booked it  out to Utah Lake to catch the sunset just in the nick of time!

Bloopers! I love that he makes her laugh! John is such a great guy. 

Ashley | Portrait Session

Ashley's mom is a very loyal client and I LOVE all her fun ideas for photos! I was super excited when she texted me a photo of Ashley's outfit. Her dress and that hat was amazing! It was especially fun to ride around in golf carts at the Thanksgiving Point Ashton Gardens. She had a whole entourage come along too...her friends, grandma, aunt, cousin, sister and mom. It was so great!