Photo Walk

I'm too embarrassed to even say when we did this. I FINALLY got around to editing these!
I arranged with some neighbors that were wanting to learn more about photography to have a little photo walk. We went around town taking pictures and learning more about our cameras and different techniques and styles. We even had some girls model for us. They were fabulous and just sat there while we all tried to figure things out. :)
Now, we've formed a Photo Club and meet once a month. I'll be posting our "assignments" on here. I'm excited to push myself and get more creative.

Patterson Orthodontics | Utah Photographer

So I guess I can now say I've done a commercial photo shoot. My brother-in-law has finally graduated from Orthodontic school and has opened a new practice in Prescott Valley, AZ called Patterson Orthodontics. (So if you're in that area and need braces, check them out!) They're getting ready for their grand opening and wanted some pictures of people with braces to make it more homey. I was happy to!
She wanted an antique look. So here's what I came up with and the ones she's ordering:
These are ones that I liked too, but she's not getting them. Cute kids. :)

Brynlee-9 Months Old | Utah Photographer

Imagine the surprise/shock I had to get an email from a friend who I haven't seen or heard from in almost 15 years! (That sounds like I'm old...maybe I am!) She was a Senior while I was a Freshman in High School. Her sister was my good friend. Even being a Senior, she took the time to get to know us lowly Freshman. She would drive us everywhere. She was really awesome. Then she went off to college and I've never seen her since...until she emailed me wanting a photo shoot for her 9 month old baby! It was so fun to see her again, and girl, you haven't changed a bit!
Thanks to Kiddie Kandids going out of business, she needed a picture of her baby in a bathtub to match all the other pictures she had of her kids in bathtubs as babies. I was happy to oblige...after I found a bathtub. :)
Pretty Blue Eyes

i Heart Faces Focusing on Angles Photo Entry

I thought this challenge would be a fun one to do. And I really was going to try and actually take one instead of digging through my archives, but life's just too crazy right now and I really love this photo I took last year. It had just rained and I was all over that wet can't you be when you've got that nice sun flare?!

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BYU Sister! | Utah Photographer

My darling sister just graduated from BYU in the Elementary Ed program. She's going to walk for Graduation this Spring and wanted a few pictures taken. So we LITERALLY took a few! We went out for 5 minutes and then it started to snow! Oh well. She really only wanted one really good one to send out with her graduation invitations.
Isn't she cute? And she's single! You'll make a great teacher, sis!

Meme Mosaic

There are a few of us in my neighborhood that love we decided to start a photography club, not exclusive if you want to join us. :) We get together once a month and have an assignment that we're working on for the month. I LOVE this! I tend to just take pictures of the shoots I do and then forget the world around me. This will for sure help me develop my talent more and get creative!
The first assignment is a Meme Mosaic. We had to take pictures (or get a few off the internet) of things about us. Here is my mosaic:
Left to right, top to bottom:
1. First name/self portrait: yup! That's me, somewhere.
2. Favorite food: strawberries (picture from the internet...strawberries aren't quite in season...almost!)
3. Something you love: watching movies
4. Favorite color: green, as of today
5. Sound you love: Baby laughs are the best!
6. Favorite drink: raspberry lemonade (can you tell I'm excited for the warm weather! Also internet pic)
7. Dream vacation: Italy...again
8. Favorite dessert: I LOVE anything ice cream! Especially shakes! (Also internet pic)
9. Dream job: a travel critic, maybe? I just wanted something where I could get paid to travel. I just might've made up my dream job. :) (internet pic)
10. What you love the most: I love it when my girls interact with my baby. It's the best!
11. One word that describes you: My husband told me I was driven, so I went with that.
12. Something that inspires you: I just posted this one about my parents holding hands. I want to grow old with my husband and have a great marriage like my parents.

Feel free to steal this idea! I had a lot of fun and got to know myself a little better. :)

i Heart Faces Bundled Up Photo Entry

So we don't get out much since my baby's still little, so my entry is all bundled up INSIDE! My daughter LOVES her baby sister. She put all the blankets on her just so her head is peeking out. I love seeing my kids love on their baby sister.

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i Heart Faces Jump for Joy Entry

So I haven't done an i Heart Faces challenge for a few weeks, but I thought I'd give this one a try.
I hadn't even taken pictures of people jumping until recently. I did one of my kids in preparation for the wedding I was shooting. I'm sure glad the wedding one turned out better than the one of my kids! They couldn't seem to jump at the same time.

Here's the elated groom:
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Michael & Lindsey's Wedding | Utah Photographer

I normally don't do fact, I've only done one other one. But this was a friend and her budget was tight. So we agreed that I'd just take the ones at the LDS Temple. I was really glad I did!
All morning there were snow flurries. I was so worried! But by the late afternoon, it wasn't snowing anymore. It was just COLD! Oh well. You can't have it all sometimes!
So, here are the pictures! I was very pleased with how they turned out...that's why there's so many. :) They are such a cute couple and her laugh and smile is infectious. You guys will have such a happy life together.