Photo Lighting Workshop

I was really excited to go to this Lighting Workshop. I've never worked with real lights before and I wanted to see how it's done and what it's like. It was so much fun! I had a blast working with the models...they sure know what they're doing!
This definitely isn't my style of shooting (I prefer being outdoors with natural light) but it was fun to try something new!
So a bunch of different photographers came and set up different lighting stations. One guy set up rain! It was a-mazing! Except I felt bad for the models. They got cold and wet fast!
I love the splash captured on her arm!
He looked like Edward from Twilight!
These two pictures were more my style with natural light.

I loved the light grid that showed up in his sunglasses.
So I learned a lot and had to change my whole style of shooting but it was fun and I can't wait to go back next year!

Tiffany & David ~ Engagements | Utah Photographer

My baby sister...I can't believe she's getting married and that will be all of us off and married and into the real world! We are so happy she found herself a great guy and happily welcome David into the family!
They are both so tall! I don't think I've ever photographed such a tall couple...especially in her hot pink pumps! I was so excited when Tiffany told me she wanted to do some shots in a vintage theme! So I brought some of my suitcases and they dressed the part. It was fabulous! Despite the crazy wind causing crazy hair, we had a great time! I just wish I had more siblings getting married! I love making having them do what I want. ;)
Totally her idea with this for her Thank You cards. I love it!

i Heart Faces Sun Flare Challenge

So it's been awhile since I've participated in an i Heart Faces Challenge but the Sun Flare challenge was calling my name!! The recent bridal shoot I did had some great sun flare that I just posted. But I'll post a candid one I captured instead of a copy.
Check out more great Sun Flare Photos:

Lacey & Jonathan~Groomals | Utah Photographer

I was so excited this couple had a connection to Thanksgiving Point for their groomals!! We had the place to ourselves and a golf cart to boot! They had a hard time getting there being stuck in traffic so we were constantly worried about the light leaving us without enough shots, BUT I think they got enough! It was hard narrowing them down! Gorgeous couple and gorgeous place and gorgeous lighting...perfect.
They are such a sweet couple. He was constantly changing her shoes for was kind of wet and muddy. Lots of snuggling because it was a little cold especially when the sun went down. But I had a great time and can't wait to do their wedding in a few short weeks!
She's a major Disney fan and had some Mickey gloves and hats. I love it!!
Such cute expressions!
Hello Magical Light!!!

52 Week Challenge-Week 8 & 9

Yeah, falling behind again in posting these challenges. At least I'm doing them! I'm so proud I haven't missed a week yet. :) It's fun to be challenged
Week 8 was The View from Here. I thought there really isn't a better view than what I see everyday, even if they are crying or bored. This for sure is not a perfect shot. I really didn't think it would be that hard to get them all looking up and in close but it was hard. It didn't help that I wanted Sadie crying so that raises frustration levels up quite a bit!
Week 9's theme is Express Yourself. I just got back from this shoot and thought, this would be perfect for the theme this week. The bride is a huge Disney fan and brought a few props along to incorporate them into the shoot. I love it when clients do that! It really makes the shoot their own. They were a fun couple and we had a blast!
Join the fun!