Rachel's is 8! | Baptism Session

What a sweet girl at such a sweet age. I LOVE doing baptism pictures! These cute kids are in the easy phase of life for parenting them and for being a kid. They just go along without a care in the world and that's how I felt like Rachel is. She is happy, sweet and pretty with her toothless grin. She is also very excited to be baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was also really fun to see my cousin again to catch-up since Rachel is her daughter. :)
She was so excited and was skipping and running around on the temple grounds.
She found a moth and wasn't afraid to pick it right up! She's got 3 older brothers. ;)

Caitlin & Josh | Engagement Session

Caitlin and Josh's engagement session was a bit stressful! The weather was iffy but we decided to go for it. We drove up the canyon, almost to the summit and started shooting. It was perfect and we got some great images. Then, we drove up to the summit. We took a few images and then they went to change their outfit. Umm...it started raining harder while they were changing. Then, it started to hail!! Crazy town! We waited for a few minutes but decided it wasn't going to let up much and started back down the canyon. It wasn't coming down as hard so we decided to stop at Tibble Fork. Nothing. Nada. It didn't even look like it had rained! We sure lucked out! And you two are lucky to have found each other! ;) I can't wait for your wedding a few weeks! It's going to be amazing!

These two are such fun! A few fun bloopers...Titanic, anyone?? ;)