My Cambree | Utah Child Photographer

I like to take my kids out on their own shoot when they have their birthdays. Fall is always a CRAZY time and I have 3 kids during the fall! But somehow I worked them in.
Cambree is loving to read right now so I incorporated that into her photo shoot which I've been excited to share.  I even made the tent thankyouverymuch! She just turned 7 and is doing so well in 1st grade. Whew! I was worried about her! Anyway, she played the part perfectly during the shoot (minus the big dog that made her scared and cry) without much guidance from me. And we probably did this shoot in under 30 minutes. It really doesn't take long to get good images...with a willing subject! :)
It was her idea to do a fake laugh. :)
I just love my cute kids!

Steelman Family | Utah Family Photographer

I miss all these leaves already!! I love fall...and I'm glad it's staying a little longer even though the leaves are all blown off. :/
I had absolutely no worries with this family! They are all so well-behaved, but they did surprise me at the end when they got all crazy with the leaf fight. Love it!
 Everyone was after dad! Love it!

Just a few more openings until the end of the year! Schedule them now if you need your family pictures done!

Gage's Newborn Pictures | Utah Newborn Photographer

Introducing my newest nephew! Isn't he just precious? I love him already! He was a little bit of a stinker to get his pictures done and we didn't do too many poses but the ones we got are sure keepers! Love this little guy:
I got to go to the hospital to see the new little guy. My SIL and brother didn't want to find out what they were having so we were all excited when she had him to see if he was a boy or a girl!
Justus was SOOOO happy to have a brother. He didn't want to put him down.
Annie was happy but wished he was a girl. I'm sure she got over it fast. I love how she has her dolly to hold and play with at the hospital.
I love the atmosphere of the hospital and the newness of life. It's such an amazing experience to bring a new body into the world. Love.

Heald Family | Utah Family Photographer

Ahh...the Heald family. Where do I begin? I've been friends with Donell for many years. I LOVE this family and had such a fun time doing their pictures again. I did them 2 years's their session WAY back then! We don't live down the street anymore from each other so it surprises me every time I see her boys. Umm...and her boys are like all grown up now. It's crazy how that happens. My daughter, Brinley, and Rachel have been friends since they were 2. They are 2 peas in a pod. Love it when that happens. :)
My clients are loving the city-feel this year. I love it too!
K, so how cool is this wall??!! I LOVE when I find stuff like that on a shoot!
ANNNNNDDD....a few fun bloopers cuz we know how to have fun during a session!