Brucker Family | Utah Family Photographer

I can't even remember how many times we've had to reschedule this session but finally the stars aligned and the weather was great and we captured some memories. The little one took some time to warm up to me and when he did, he was a little goof-ball! I'm so glad I could capture this little family at this time in their lives. Kids are only little for such a short time!
 Blooper time! Yup...the kids really warmed up to me...and Dad was tired of me. ;)

My Easton | Utah Child Photographer

I have to say that my son is quite the looker. He was really good for our quick, little photo shoot too! I was excited to go to this new location with old cars since cars are totally his thing right now. It was perfect! I just love this kid.
He told me this is his Hulk-smash face. Haha!

Abel Family Pictures | Utah Family Photographer

What can I say about this family? They are so great. They were some of my first clients when I first started out with film. At the time, these triplets were 2 years old (they are now 10)! Now that was a feat getting all of them to look at the camera and smile! They moved away and now they are back and I am so happy they still want me to take their family pictures! They are some of the nicest people I've ever met and glad we could catch-up for a bit while capturing some amazing memories.
I love it when couples are affectionate especially because my husband and I are SO awkward in front of the camera!

I mean, c'mon! What image is better than this??!!
Of course we know how to have a good time too! Here are the bloopers for ya!