Kevin & Amy's Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographer

Amy is getting married! I'm so happy for her! She has been my client for a long, long time and I was so happy that she wanted me to take her engagements. It was still freezing cold and, luckily, we got to do them in the beautiful La Jardin green house since she is having her reception there. I was sweating in that greenhouse when all was said and done...but they looked fabulous and so in love!

 A few fun bloopers!!

Caden's 1 YO Cake Smash

Cake Smash sessions are some of my very favorite sessions! And it probably helps that he is my son! :) We did a monster theme for his birthday party so we just continued with that theme for his session. First, we take a few non-messy pictures. :)
And he's outta here!
We gave him a little break and then stripped him down for the messy cake smash.
He loved squishing the cake between his fingers but when he tasted it, he didn't like it much. So weird! He is by far my most picky eater!

 My husband doesn't love messy-faced kids and was done when he wiped frosting on his face!

Sienna's Newborn Pictures | Utah Newborn Photographer

My new niece! She is a beautiful baby and such a good baby too! She slept like a champ! It was fun to play with her. We incorporated red whenever we could since she was born right before Christmas.
 Her big sister, Avery, was so excited to have a little sister! She was so sweet and gentle wit her.