My Sister-in-Law's Family

On Saturday, I went out and shot my sister-in-law's family. She's a photographer too (here's her photo blog), so I was a little nervous!! AND I've never done a single family that big before! Her 4 year old was a little tough, but he loosened up later and was fine!! I think a lot of them turned out. Shawn, my husband, came with me to help the younger boys smile. He did a good job and even gave me some great ideas like the kids peeking over the wall. He'll have to come more often!!
I hope you like them, Jody!!

My Girl!!

So it was my daughter's 3rd Birthday last week so we did a photo shoot for her. She's so funny and HARD!! Being a Photographer's daughter you'd think she'd know how to pose! But we had to work for it!! I also like trying new things on my own kids before I try them on anyone else. So we went for an Urban look with a toddler. I really like how they look!
Sorry there's so many! She's my kid and I had a hard time deleting any!

Christmas Card Steal Deal!!!

If you've been wanting Christmas family pictures done, but don't want to pay full price here's the deal! It's a mini-shoot! We go to one location and just take a few pictures in a few poses. You'll get about 10-15 shots to choose from all edited and on a CD for you to print for your Christmas cards. The fee? A snazzy $50! That's $40 off my family sitting price. If you want me to design Christmas cards, then add $10 bucks onto that price and then you can print them off or I can do it for you (for the print price of the cards and envelopes).
If you just want a shoot of your kids, then I'll do up to 3 kids for a $30 fee with 10 shots to choose from. Then, add $10 for the Christmas card design.
If you already have a Christmas picture and just need it doctored up and a card designed, the fee will be $15.
To see more family shoots check out my Flickr Photostream and if you like what you see, email me at
*Hurry and book it! We close on our house on October 22nd and will spend every Saturday painting and cleaning, but I can do shoots during the week in the early evenings. I'll start doing Saturday shoots again on December 6th-20th, which doesn't leave too much time until Christmas!

More BOYS!!

These cute boys are my cousin's kids. I was really excited to do them! They were so good for me despite the windy weather!!
I've been doing a few more boys than girls lately!! They're harder to do sometimes, but I need to get more experience for boys!! And I think I was able to achieve the Vintage look that the Mom wanted.

Check out my Flickr for a few more!

Senior Shoots!

So I took my sister and her friend's pictures back when they were probably 15 here (in a window well!). They're cute, but look at them now that they're Seniors! Gorgeous!! I just LOVE doing Senior Shoots! They are so fun!! We did both of theirs at the same time so it's fun to see the same location and pose but a whole new picture! Fun stuff! Hopefully I'll get to do more soon!
Go check out more on my Flickr Photostream. (BTW, my sister is the brown-haired one...I know! Weird!)