Patterson Family | Utah Family Photographer

One of my favorite families in the's my sister's family. They were here from Arizona so we did a little impromptu shoot right before her hubby had to catch a plane. We just went to a nearby park and had a good time!

 Miss you guys!!

Parker ~ Newborn | Utah Newborn Photographer

Here's some more pictures of precious, newborn Parker that I did for his newborn shoot. Love how he slept SO good for me! We were able to do so many poses! Look at all his hair!
Lookin' good for your 4th baby!!
Having a baby soon? I come to you so you don't have to worry about packing up a brand-new baby and getting pictures taken. I will stay as long as needed. Book me when baby will be between 5-10 days old.

Parker ~ Birth Story...Sort of | Utah Birth Story Photographer

So this isn't really a birth story photo documentary. No matter how much I begged my BFF to be there for her baby's birth, she just wanted it to be her and her hubby...which is understandable! Giving birth is such a private and amazing experience. But maybe...just maybe she wishes she had me there the whole time like my sister (which was SO amazing to be a part of!) ;) SO....these are pictures from the next day still in the hospital. Cute, little Parker Jordan.
I'll be posting Parker's newborn session real soon! ...stay tuned...

Collette Family~Temple Sealing | Utah Family Photographer

So my sister and her husband went to the LDS Salt Lake City Temple to be sealed for eternity as a family. I was SO happy for them! They were glowing and the ceremony was so precious with baby Avery there. I just had to post these pics even though they are my sister. :) They make such a cute family!
The weather was SO cold and WINDY!! David had her wrapped up and kept her warm whenever she wasn't having her picture taken. She was exhausted too but lasted and was good until right at the very end...she'd had enough!

Congratulations on your forever family...just beautiful. :)

The Ogdens | Utah Family Photographer

This shoot was SO last-minute. I'm talking like the night before they were leaving the state last-minute. I was down with it especially since they have 3 teenagers. Easy Peasy! Don't get me wrong, little kids are fun and bring lots of energy to the shoot (I have 4 of my own) but teens you don't have to prepare so much (mentally & physically) so I was willing to do it on such short notice. The weather was threatening, but it all worked out!
This family was so comfortable and great with each other. They have a great relationship with each other. I hope my kids turn out to be teens like that. I loved their candid interactions. :)

Start booking your family pictures now before fall. Fall gets CRAAAZZYY!