Wilkes Family | Family Session

The youth in our church had a service auction. My 14 year old daughter has taken an interest in photography and took a class in junior high. She wanted to offer a photo shoot for her service and I would be her assistant. I knew she could nail the focus and exposure and I was just there for moral support and to help pose or whatever. She did great! She even edited most of them after I gave her a quick lesson. She's pretty busy with school and extracurriculars so I edited some too :) The family loved them but she was pretty stressed about the shoot and doesn't think it's her thing. Dang it!

Reynolds Family | Family Session

I really enjoyed taking the Reynolds' family pictures. They even brought along their cutie little doggie. We went up the canyon and the fall leaves were just perfect! I'm so glad she was able to do pictures last-minute! She asked me when was my soonest opening and it happened to be a day later. She threw together their outfits in a day and they all looked fabulous! Outfits don't have to be so stressful, people! ;)

SO many bloopers of this fun family! Kaya has skills! It was fun to take pictures of her tricks. :)