Nick's Baptism Session | Utah Child Photographer

I love doing baptism sessions. These cute almost-8-year-olds are so excited to get baptized. That makes for some cute pictures. :)

 Eight-year-olds can definitely be silly too. :)

Steinfeldt Family/Mission Pictures | Utah Family Photographer

I was really excited when my cousin's wife asked me to take their family pictures especially because they are a fun family...but also because their daughter is leaving on a mission for the LDS church for a year and a half. I wasn't so excited when the forecast said rain but we couldn't reschedule and hoped for the best. Well, it started raining right when we got there and wouldn't let up! I've NEVER had this happen before! She we made the best of it under doorways, overhangs, and umbrellas. They were good sports, but we had had enough and did Jessica's mission pictures inside the Capitol building...along with a big even going on. Oh well. They turned out great despite the circumstances! You do whatcha gotta do!

Justin's Senior Pictures | Utah Senior Photographer

Oh boy did we have fun taking pictures of this guy! He LOVES having his picture taken! It was a blast! I tell my seniors to bring a prop or something, if they want, to show what their interests are. Well, Justin loves to cook and play soccer. So it was fun starting the session off in his kitchen to watch him bake. He even had the chef clothes and everything! Expect big things from this guy!
Then we headed over to a nearby park. I've surprisingly never been there before! I will be back for sure!
 Hey, ladies, watch out! Justin is a bit of a flirt!
We took a few mission pictures in case he goes on a mission for the LDS church. He says he wants to go to Hollywood and convert all the celebrities. That would be great, Justin!
Then, he changed into his soccer uniform and showed me some awesome moves!
 Thanks for having me take your pictures, Justin! You're amazing!