Davis Family | Family Session

I've photographed this family before (cuz he's my brother) and I'll do it again! I loved the setting of the canyon and the aspens. It was just perfect with their outfits too.

These crazies! I love how Justus wanted a picture flossing.

Church Family | Extended Family Session

Getting a family together with this many people is quite the challenge and I was glad they were able to work it in to their plans while they were celebrating their parents/grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. Congrats to them! They have raised some pretty awesome kids and have a great posterity. It was a pleasure doing their pictures.

Bloopers...with this many people there is bound to be some fun moments!

My Family | Albion Basin

I've been wanting to go to this location for YEARS! It's Albion Basin and it's just gorgeous in the summer. We hit it a little late and the wildflowers had all died but I didn't mind. I feel like my family is a the perfect ages right now and I want them to freeze right now! Thanks to Tracie from Rock Love Photography for taking the time to come all the way up there and taking our pics. It was worth it, I think!

Be still my heart! LOVE this...my beautiful kids.

Love this one of me and my man!

We had plenty of bloopers and fun on this shoot!