Smith Family Pictures | Utah Family Photographer

Oh wow! This goes down as the quickest extended family shoot I've ever done. It was cold, but nice and sunny...but maybe the cold had something to do with how quick we got done. They were easy peesy too. No complaints here! I really love doing large family sessions. It's one of those things that you know they will love and appreciate years to come. And it's quite an accomplishment to get so many people's schedules coordinated! :)
 Havin' some fun too...

Studio Night Lights | Utah Photographer

When I feel like I need something to get my creativity going or to try something new, I look around photographer group FB pages and such for events going on. Studio Night Lights happened longer than I care to say, but I'm finally getting around to blogging them. I don't have a studio and these really aren't my style, but do have lights that I'm learning how to use more and more and like to try new things. And it's always fun working with models who can show me a thing or two about posing. :)

Bandley Brothers | Utah Child Photographer

I was finally able to meet Cooper's brother! I did Cooper's session a few months ago and then we got them together for a fun brother shoot. I was told that Cooper loves Cayson so I was all ready for the brotherly love to abound. Not so much. Cooper didn't really want Cayson close to him. Hey, that happens. So we pulled out the bubbles and songs and got him all good and distracted and got some great shots. What cute kids!!
 There's the bubbles in this shot!
 I love how wobbly Cooper is. He hadn't been walking long.
 And some bloopers...believe me, I had plenty to pick from!

Jane | Newborn Mini Session

Sweet Jane was born so tiny!! But she was on-time and healthy, just tiny. I wasn't able to take pictures of her until she was a month old. I was worried she wouldn't sleep but she did! She is the most laid-back baby ever and was really good for this mini session. And her hair?? Tons of blonde! So cute!!
 I snapped this picture while I was getting my settings ready. It's got a more lifestyle feel. I love it!

Tilley Family Pictures | Utah Family Photographer

Time to play catch-up!! I was hoping to get all my 2013 sessions blogged before 2013 ended, but it didn't happen. Oh well. I'm hoping to get them all blogged soon!
This family is the funnest! Gail is my daughters' piano teacher. She comes to our house to teach them and hears me yell at my kids and smells my bad cooking. And she still asked me to take her family photos. Luckily, photographers don't have to be great cooks. :)
 Oh yes. They love sports!!! I love the props are personality that come to life in a photo like this!!
 Isn't she the cutest?!!