Jacquel~Senior | Utah Photographer

Meet Jacquel. She is one awesome, confident, fun-loving, beautiful girl! She was making me laugh so much! We had a good time. She's a Senior this year and has wonderful things ahead of her. We had lots of fun with all the props and ideas she had. It was hard to stop!

She's learning the guitar. I LOVE guitars in pictures!

Uh-huh. B-ball player...gotta love those shoes too!
She also really LOVES her car. Her mom said she acts like it's a Porshe or something. I love old beat-up cars. Totally reminds me of High School!
She's also into drama and singing. I was diggin' her microphone.

 Good luck, Jacquel! College is going to be great!!

Abigail~Newborn | Utah Photographer

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful baby girl. She was in the NICU for a little while and was 6 weeks old before I could take pictures of her. I was nervous about her being so old, but she was so sweet and slept most of the time. She was great! She even smiled a little. :)
She's their first child and the first grandbaby. She sure will be loved!

Tiffany & David~Groomals | Utah Photographer

The wedding has already come and gone and I'm finally posting their groomals. It didn't help that we did them the day BEFORE the wedding. Scheduling conflicts and the snowy weather made it difficult, but we did it! It was still cold and windy and almost noon, but they worked it OUT! She brought all sorts of ideas for poses so we had some fun! LOADS of pictures here! Sorry...it's my baby sis!

Sandy feet never hurt anybody (or a wedding dress!)...I love it!
I had no qualms about asking my sister to do things and she was up for ANYTHING! She climbed this rock in her dress with little help from the fiance. :)

Looking fierce!

I will be posting the wedding someday...it was beautiful. They are such a gorgeous couple. We are happy to have a new brother in the family. Welcome, David!

Easton-2 Year Old | Utah Photographer

So here's Aubrey's baby brother, Easton. Two year olds are challenging and fun! They have so much personality and are always on the go. We definitely found his personality! What a cutie!
He wanted to sit on the four-wheeler so bad. He looks so serious about it too!