Merry Christmas!!

A few weeks ago I went with a group of photographers to go "light painting". It was fun to try something new. Little did we know that the cops would get called. You can't have fireworks going when it's not the 4th or New Years. I've seen sparklers at weddings and didn't think anything of it. Good thing he let us off. :)
Then, we looked at the lights and had some hot chocolate. It was so nice and a great way to start off the holidays...minus the cop. :/
Thank you all for your loyalty to me. I think of all my clients as friends and I love making new friends! May you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with love and hope.

Kennedy Family | Utah Family Photographer

This about wraps up my family sessions! But don't you worry! I still have more fun pictures to blog. :)
The Kennedys are a fun family! Always on-the-go it seems. I also love it when the dad is on-board...he even came up with some shots. A happy dad makes it so much better...however, the youngest 2 weren't too happy. Kyla fell asleep in the car on the way to the location and Kourtney had just woken up too. After MUCH bribing, we got some smiles! Whew! I guess having dinner at Orange Leaf is a good bribe. ;)

Thanks, Meagan! I had such a fun time with your cute family...and gotta love Tucker too! :)

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Jeppsen Family | Utah Family Photographer

I've been excited to share these images! She is one of the few people that have known me for a VERY LONG time! Her sister and I are BFF's and her and my sister were friends back in middle school. So, the 4 of us got along great and had some goofy, good times together. When Andrea was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer I knew she needed to get pictures of her family. You just never know how long people are going to be around, as we were reminded about the news in Connecticut. It feels even more important to document our families when things like that happen.
Andrea has had the cancer removed and is doing really well considering what she's been through! I was so excited she wanted me to do her pictures! Her family is SO cute! I think we were done in less than an hour with lots of great images I'm sure she will cherish for years to come! Love you, girlie!

Gotta make the hubby happy! He wanted a picture of them all in their Dolphins gear. LOVE the bright colors and the game faces. :)

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Stockton's Cake Smash | Utah Child Photographer

These sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorites to shoot! You just never know what they are going to do! Stockton has been through a lot already in his little life having heart surgery but he is doing well and definitely knows what he wants! He was ONLY interested in the candle on his cake and when we tried taking it away so he would eat the cake, he was MAD!! SO cute! My very first cake smash was of her daughter, Tylee, even before cake smashes were really a "thing". I love it! And I love that we bought the same cake when I did my son's cake smash. Bright frosting is the way to go!
See? We were mean and took it away. :/
Now, he's looking at us like, "Don't you dare take my candle away!" Love the big crocodile tear. :)

Watson Family | Utah Family Photographer

The Watson family have been with me from the very beginning. No need to show those pictures. :) But then they moved to Texas for almost 2 years. Now they are back and asked me to do their family pictures. And they have added one more to the family with one on the way. :) Stockton recently turned one and we did a little cake smash for him after the family session. There are too many pictures so I will do a separate post for that. :) LOVE how these turned out! Circus colors and all!
Sunflare off the lake? Never done that before! Booyah!
Tylee was SUCH a little model! I guess I will link one of her sessions since it was one of my faves, when she was 18 months old here.