Merry Christmas for Xpressions Photography!

Stout Family Pictures | Utah Extended Family Photographer

My aunt was excited to have her family all back together again and wanted me to take some family pictures. These guys make it seem easy to take a good pic. I'm lucky to be related to them!

 I was testing my lighting and got this gem:

 It was my aunt's birthday so here they all are adoring her. :)

 Just so you know, the baby was totally safe…just some Photoshopping going on. :)
 These girls adore their uncle!

The baby of the family and the last one left!

 Ahhh!! Those cheeks!!!
 And you KNOW we had fun! Just a few bloopers. :)

Hancock Kids | Utah Child Photographer

When we were down in Vegas for Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law needed some pictures of her kids done. We just did them in her backyard. No need for a fancy location. :)

 They sure love their animals!

 The boys could only do a goofy picture.
 And a few bloopers for your enjoyment!

Paige & Dave | Utah Photographer

Paige contacted me wanting a bit of a different session. Her and her husband are building a house on a farm and she wanted pictures of the two of them as artwork to put up in her new home. I LOVE it!! We found the perfect location too that had old farm equipment. I think it turned out nicely. :)
 Some headshots…you know, for his Facebook profile pic. ;)
 We were lucky enough to have some deer visit us!
After Paige & Dave left, I went back to the farm equipment to take a few more pictures. It was just so fun I couldn't resist!