Mandy & Nate-Engagement Session | Utah Photographer

My sister is getting married. It's still a little hard to get used to that since it's all happened so quickly. He noticed her long before she noticed him. That's the way it should be, right? ;) Nate asked her out a couple of times (about once a month!) but Mandy wasn't ready. She had to date a few other guys to really see how great Nate is. It pays to be patient! They do make a great couple and will be so wonderful together. I'm so happy for you guys!
And since this is my sister, get ready for an overload of pictures. :)
LOVE her shoes!
This is what she wants to use for her Thank You cards. Love it!

i Heart Faces Yellow Photo Entry

My sister's Engagments! I love her dress! Can't wait to post more!

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I forgot to post these! Awhile back I went exploring to a new location that I want to shoot at someday. It's an old, scary house so I didn't want to go by myself. So I asked a friend and we brought our kids for a little bit of exploring. Here are some fun pictures of our adventures:
The inside had fabulous wallpaper...if you didn't shoot the graffiti. :)
Don't I have a great little model?

This wall was awesome. It looks like its falling down on my friend, Tracie! Which, by the way, she looks fabulous!
So who wants a shoot here? Any takers?

i Heart Faces "Faces & Flowers" Photo Entry

So I decided to enter my baby into this week's photo challenge. I knew I had the perfect photo and I just love showing her off. I think my kids are the cutest, but what mom doesn't? ;)
Too bad she's not this tiny anymore.

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Zoey-Senior | Utah Photographer

Give me a Senior and some good 'ole downtown grunge and I'm a happy camper! It's hard to get me to stop! Zoey was great! She even sat in a tire for me. :) She was up for anything with style and spunk. This girl has drive too. She wants to be a doctor. You are really going to go places, Zoey. Thanks for letting me take your pictures.

Photo Club-Unique Cropping

We had photo club again but this time it was at my house. I sometimes don't like to host things because I always wonder if anyone is going to come or not. But people came! And I had a lot of fun looking at everyone's assignment. We did different/unique crops. I NEVER cut off people's heads or only do 1/2 a face so this was a challenge for me, but I loved it!
I couldn't quite decide which one I liked the best: vertical or horizontal? What do you think?
Then, I got a little carried away and decided to try cropping a head off:
Then, I wanted to try steering clear of the face entirely, but cropping off one foot was a little weird:
Next month will be food. Now that's avoiding the face entirely...or is it???

Jillesa | Utah Photographer

Jillesa...I do really love that name. We had a blast doing your pictures. You are an awesome girl. You will be going places. You said you didn't know how to pose in front of the camera...I beg to differ. :)
I know I always say how much I love to photograph Seniors, but maybe this will show you why!

She's a Volleyball player. You've really got to be confident to rock those shorty-shorts. Go Jillesa!