i Heart Faces Hilarious Outtakes Entry

I knew exactly which pictures I would use! This was my daughter's 3 year old shoot I did. I just couldn't resist keeping these ones.
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Merry (late) Christmas!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We sure did! Now, back to the grind...almost. There's still New Year's!

{The Atkinson Family}

A family from my hometown, who I didn't personally know when I did live there. It's always fun to get referrals especially when a family is this great! It was FREEZING cold and snow flurries off and on. I think this was the coldest shoot I've ever done...mostly due to the wind chill. I was a little nervous because she has young kids. Just think positive, right? So we picked a location with buildings to give us some relief. The kids did awesome, but I never did get a smile from the littlest guy. But at least he wasn't crying!

Thanks, Jamie, for trusting me and coming all the way up here! We really got lots of great ones (it was hard for me to narrow it down!). You guys look great!

{The Child Family}

I got to photograph my cousin's family! We used to live by them and were sad when we moved away because they are so much fun! And their boys have turned into little wiggly-worms! Ethan was so hard to get to hold still! But we still got some good shots! Silly boy.


{Brucker Family}

This family is such a great family (Do I say that about every family I photograph? Cuz I do think I get the best clients ever!) They have 3 girls just like us and they even like to play together. They live right behind us and have been so nice welcoming us into this neighborhood when we moved here over a year ago (I can't believe it's been that long!) Now, they're going to move! We're going to miss them but at least it won't be too far away!
We only did a few poses because it was so cold! But you wouldn't know it! They all have lovely smiles on their faces. Thanks, you guys, for having me take your pictures. You all are gorgeous!
(Ok, so I just realized I can make pictures really big! I mean, it is a photography website. Now, I'll have to go back and redo all my posts! Maybe someday I'll get around to it!)


My Brother's Family

Gosh! I've been a horrible blogger lately! So many shoots to catch up on!
My awesome brother keeps my website going. He has been helping me create it and is always trying to think of new things to make it better. He's so great!
 They wanted a few pictures in front of the LDS Timpanogas temple. It made for a beautiful backdrop!

And my cute nephew is pretty stinkin' cute too! They lived with us for a few months and I just think he is the funnest little boy! He's a happy little 2 year old now!

i Heart Faces Sweet Dreams Entry

Ahh...Sweet Dreams. It was hard to pick a favorite for i Heart Faces contest. So I was biased and picked my own sleeping baby. I need to take more pictures of her now that I'm thinking about it. I think she's the just the cutest!

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{The Stephenson Family}

It was a cold, blustery day...and we did a photo shoot! Yup! We do them rain, snow, or shine it seems! USUALLY it stops long enough for us to get some pictures in...but sometimes it just doesn't! That's all I can offer when I don't have a studio, darn it!
This family was great and friends from High School. Aw...the memories. They traveled an hour and a 1/2 to come get their pictures done, so I REALLY wanted the weather to work out! I've also done pictures for them before so I wanted to do them again. It was REALLY cold and was snowing a little bit, but the kids were so good and I think we got some great ones! Thanks, Stacia and Jill, for letting me taking your pictures! You guys are great!


{So Thankful}

I'm so grateful for this time of year I have to reflect on the many things I have instead of the things I may want (like a new lens!). I'm so thankful for my wonderful family and especially for my husband that supports me when I'm rushing off doing photo shoots or my girls' nights out. I'm blessed to be able to do what I love and to meet all of you! Thank you!
And because posts are always better with a picture, here a FEW (sorry...I have a hard time cutting them down!)!! I took these back in October of my daughter and have finally edited them and am posting them.