Jaylyn & Jalisa's Newborn Pictures | Utah Newborn Photographer

Yup! I wrote that...TWO babies!! TWINS!! And for no other than my BFF. I was SO excited for her to be having two little baby girls (especially because it's not me!). She is excited too and such a great mom. They are lucky to be the last little ones to join this family.
The two of them are SO different, already! At 5 days old! Jaylyn was one of the best sleepers I've ever had and Jalisa just wanted to stay awake. It was a LONG process but we definitely got some keepers!
Wow! I mean, how cute are they???!! So fun!

Vegas Family Pictures | Utah Family Photographer

Every other year we have a big family reunion with my husband's side of the family. We always get a family picture, which is good, but a bit stressful! They are all opinionated and then we have to use a remote. Luckily, we are all getting older and hold still. It's just my little ones who loose attention quick!
 We had just a little time to do a few individual family pictures.

 Love my crazy, fun, and opinionated family! We had such a great time in Vegas even though it was in August. :)

Jayln & Jilesa's Birth Story

My BFF was having TWINS!! I was super excited and asked if I could be there for the birth...they said maybe. But as the date got closer, the babies were breach so she would have to have a c-section. Since I couldn't be in the delivery room, she just had me come to the hospital the next day. Not ideal, but it's what she wanted. Then, she got the stomach flu! Can you believe that?! On top of a c-section?? Yeah, she was miserable. Luckily, her husband and older girls were there so I got pictures of them with the babies. I can't believe there are 2 of them. 2 girls! And they look so different. I love it!

Baldwin Family | Utah Family Photographer

It's always a pleasure to photograph the Baldwins. They are easy-going and fun and probably hold the record for the most bloopers. :) Even when it threatened rain our entire session, they were chill. We made it through and it started raining just as we were finishing. Whew!
Ok, I am LOVING Tibble Fork!
 Here are just a few of the many bloopers. :)
 Hurry and schedule your family session! I'm almost booked until November!