Heather's Bridals | Utah Photographer

I was really excited to do Heather's Bridals. We even went out to Payson to check out some wide, open fields. We had lots of fun, way up until the sun went down! Not to mention the traffic violation I got on the way home too. Expired registration. Yeah. 9 months expired! My only defense is I lost my mind when I had Sadie...10 months ago. Blah.
I can't wait to do your wedding next week! Crazy it's so soon!! You're gorgeous! And your dress is amazing!

Photo Meetup-Props

I'm really trying to challenge myself and to keep on improving my photography. You can never be too good. :) So I got my friend to go with me to a Photographer Meetup Group. They meet monthly and happened to be meeting right near my house. So what have I got to loose?
Everyone was supposed to bring a prop. I brought my parasol. Then, we had 10 minutes to photograph our prop. When the 10 minutes were up, we moved on to another prop. It was a good exercise but maybe my attention span isn't long enough cuz I was done in 5 minutes. :) And I don't normally shoot things that don't move!
Here are a few of the prop shots I got.
Thanks, Tracie, for coming with! I'm just getting you back! :)

Johnston Family

The Johnstons are friends of ours so I was happy to take their pictures, even with 4 kids under the age of 7. ;) AND the weather was threatening rain. But it didn't rain and my husband came to help out. We got some good ones, don't ya think?
I love this last one. He's just learning how to walk and it always sticking his tongue out! So cute!

i Heart Faces Photo Walk

I just realized I never posted these pictures!
At the first of June i Heart Faces hosted a photo walk around the whole country! I was excited that SL was a city they picked to have a photo walk. We had a wonderful leader, Heather, who led the walk.

It was fantastic! We had lots of fun finding new locations. We had a few models there and sometimes we just used each other. :) Afterward, we had lunch at Sea Salt. A brand new restaurant and VERY yummy! I can't wait for the next one. :)

A guy let us borrow his balloons for a minute. It was fun!
It's the paparazzi!
And, finally, my beautiful sandwich from Sea Salt.

i Heart Faces Teen Photo Entry

I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE taking pictures of teens. They have such attitude, style, and willingness to do whatever I want! And they don't move when I tell them to pose. :) LOVE teens! I had a hard time picking one for this challenge, but I went with my favorite guy pic. I just love his jeep!

Check out more great Teen Photos:

Landon | Utah Photographer

Another sweet, little newborn. It almost makes me want one myself. Almost. :) He was pretty good but did NOT want his diaper off. So we made do with leaving it on. Not too bad. We also tried fitting him in his daddy's cowboy boot. I've seen it done before, but he didn't fit! He was only 6 days old! He's also the luckiest boy to have 3 older sisters to take care of him. Gotta love that! Congrats on your first boy!
I just love his squishy cheeks. :)