Tami's Bridals | Utah Photographer

I had the pleasure to take Tami's bridals. She had a gorgeous dress! I did her engagements too. She's so easy to work with and fun. It helps when she brings her cute daughter. She is such a cute flower girl!

i Heart Faces Smiles Photo Entry

I've been out-of-it for awhile on the i Heart Faces contests. But this week I couldn't resist.
Ok, so this one is a hard one. There are so many great smiles to choose from. I eventually picked this one of a family. It really was not an ideal shoot. It kept raining off and on so we did a lot of waiting. Because of all the waiting the little 2 year old was D-O-N-E when it finally cleared up. So, everyone tickle-tortured him! I love his expression...the older brother was great too, just waiting for me to take the picture. :)

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Easton-1YO | Utah Photographer

Here's Easton, Aubrey's baby brother for his big one year old pictures! He's so easy-going. He did get sad once but that was short-lived. I just LOVE those eyes!

This is the same wall and chair where we did his newborn pictures. It's fun to see how much they change.

I just had to throw this last one in. Look at the sad lower lip! Too cute!

Aubrey-4 YO | Utah Photographer

It was that time again to do my friend's daughter's pictures. She pretty much always cries when we do pictures, so we thought we'd bring out the big guns...a pettiskirt! (which, BTW, you can use too if you book with me. I have 3 of them.) She put it on at home and was dancing and twirling and being so cute! I thought it would be easy...WRONG! She cried again. After much trying, we decided to give her a break and do pictures of her baby brother (to be posted soon!). THEN, she got in the mood. WHEW!
She's still so cute, even when she's sad. Her mom is a hairdresser, in case you couldn't tell by her cute up-do.

Headshots for Jennifer | Utah Photographer

This gorgeous woman in my neighborhood is pursuing her Master's Degree in Music and wanted me to do a head shot for her Master's performance program. I really haven't done many head shots, but I thought we could have fun with this. Turns out, she used to model when she was younger...boy, did we have fun!
I think I'm having Senior shoot withdrawals. Where are my Seniors this year? I love these kind of shoots!

My Baby - 6 Months Old | Utah Photographer

I can't believe how fast she's growing! (Ok, and now she's really 7 months old.) I LOVE being able to practice on her with lots of different props and poses, even if she did pee all over my fake floor. :) She does really well too with all the fussing I do. She just doesn't quite sit up yet. I just thought I'd share with you my cute baby. I don't think I share her enough!