Reimers Family + Lily

This family was so fun to shoot! Justin LOVES bikes and brought along a vintage YELLOW bike! I was so excited! How fun to shoot a family with a prop! We definitely worked it in! Her mom also came along (which was great!) to help get little Lily to smile and made my job so much easier! She was a cutie and a happy baby! Thanks, guys! I had so much fun and thanks for giving me a little challenge working in the bike!I just love her face in this one!

Cuff Family + Baby Kai

Yup! We squeezed in a family shoot and a newborn shoot. Kai is just 10 days old, but what a good sport! What a cute family and so easy-going.His Nursery was SO cute! Great paint job!

Baby Elina

I was excited when my friend emailed me wanting me to do her newborn baby girl's pictures. First of all, I hadn't seen her in a long time so it was good to catch up! And her baby was really pretty good and stayed asleep once we got her there! Andrea had great ideas and I'm always up for ideas and trying new things!
Thanks, Andrea! She's a sweetie!

Extended Family Portrait

I'm SO behind on posting shoots, it's not even funny.
This is a friend who's family I did back in March. She wanted to get a family picture for her mom's birthday with all her siblings and their spouses. That's a HUGE thing to get all those people together! But she did it! A few families also wanted their pictures done too.
We got to go to her brother-in-law's farm property. I was SO excited there was an apple blossom orchard! I've been wanting to find property to do a shoot at an orchard...too bad it's really far away.
Thanks, Becki! Your family was so fun!

My CUTE Nephew!!

This is my nephew that has been living with us (along with my brother and his wife ;) I didn't want to confuse you) for the past 2 months. He's always quick to smile and laugh. He's just so adorable!
We went to the park to do the pictures. That way, he'd be happy, but it was hard chasing him around...especially being prego!

The Hougtons

I was really excited to do my friend's sister's family. They are a gorgeous family. She has two cute little boys who were also great little posers! We also got special access to a great location, thanks to them knowing the right people! I wish I knew the right people! It was really an easy shoot and I'm so glad I got to do them for her.

{Newborn + Sisters}

This shoot was a referral, which is awesome but also makes me nervous! My client knew what she wanted, which is great because I love to get new ideas...sometimes I feel like I'm in a rut. The baby's name was Easton and they had a cute baseball and quilt that the mom had made. It was so cute! I wish I had that kind of talent!
The sisters got in on a few pictures too. They have the cutest faces!

Brucker Girls

I'm playing catch-up right now, so I'll hopefully be posting a bunch over the next few days. Keep a lookout!So my new neighbor wanted me to do pictures for her girls. I'm still new to the area and wanted to do a really good job...I shouldn't have had such high expectations. The first shoot was clear back around Easter time and it just wasn't working. The littlest one would cry and just would not stay put for ANYTHING! No bribes, nothing! So we tried a 2nd time awhile later and did MUCH better! Their dad was there entertaining and we also got special permission to use this awesome location, so it was all good! Such cuties! Thanks, Stephanie, for putting up with me!

Wilcox Boys

These little guys have been my longest clients! They've been with me when I was just starting out. I've gotten to see them kids grow. They are the cutest boys, but always wear me right out! Thanks, Kellye! You're the best for stickin' with me! Good luck on your big move!