Beauty & Truth April Meetup

I'm part of a Facebook photography group called Beauty and Truth. It's a great place for us local photographers to get help, tips, tricks and just connect! We had our first meetup to check out a new location and just meet each other. We took some shots of a model and each other (which I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE doing! Now I know what my clients feel like! Some of us were definitely more natural than others...) and then had some yummy bruchesetta and talked some more. It was so fun! It's a great group of photogs! I must admit that I was NERVOUS going to the meetup cuz I felt like I was definitely on the older end, but when you have a common interest, you can be fast friends it seems. It was so fun to get out and away from the kids and just shoot for fun! I can't wait until next month!

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  1. Is one of the brown haired girls named Julie? If she is, then I know her. It was kind of hard to tell though