Splish Splash! | Our Forever Neverland Project

It's Week 3 of Our Forever Neverland Project! I'm loving it!!
Bath time is definitely routine around here. I'm just lucky enough that my husband does it. I really don't like bath time. :/ But this week on bath night, he was gone so I had got to do it. Easton doesn't last long in the tub, but Sadie likes it so I had some fun taking pictures of her...even though she likes to pull faces every time I get my camera out.
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Baby Merrick's Birth Story | Utah Birth Photographer

I was SOOOO happy when my long-time client, Brittany, asked me to photograph the birth of their baby. They didn't know if it was a boy or a girl so that made it even more exciting!! I got there just in time for her to push! I was worried I would miss it since it was her 3rd baby, but it was all good! Perfect timing. Perfect birth. Perfect baby. I LOVE the raw emotion that fills the room and the special event that I get to witness. I have the best job!

 First yawn...awwww...

He was NOT a fan of his first bath. :) LOVE his wrinkley back.

Mirror Mirror | Our Forever Neverland Project

It's week 3 of the Our Forever Neverland project. I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping this up! I'm really trying! This week was a little bit crazy. Last weekend I was the photographer for my cousin's wedding so it was fun/crazy when my husband showed up with all our kids! Easton was going nuts running all around. But he was still for a moment...JUST long enough for me to snap this picture of him screaming looking at himself in the mirror. I just love this little guy.
I edited this a little different than I normally do...I'm still not sure about it. But I guess that's part of the fun of this project! I get to experiment!

Kristen's Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographer

AHHH!!! I've been DYING to post these and I finally can since Kristen got married on Saturday! I was SO happy when Kristen (my cousin) asked to be her wedding photographer and to do her bridals. I was even more happy when she wanted to do them at the Capitol building. It was a cold and snowy day so the Capitol was perfect. It was crawling with others who had the same idea but we did our best to avoid each other. I've never shot at the Capitol but had a blast! Can't wait to go shoot there again. Without further ado, here is my sweet cousin. Love her!
 We went outside for just a minute. It was wet so we kept her dress up and clean! I love the playfulness of these. :)

AH!! I can't get enough of these stairs! We were the last ones there and the lights all came on and gave such a dramatic look. LOVED it!