Brianna & Jared~Groomals/Bridals | Utah Photographer

Oh how I LOVE photographing young couples in love! It's so wonderful and hard to take a bad picture. :) These 2 were no exception as you can see with all! Ahem. And we've been SO lucky that the weather has worked out wonderfully this year.
They wanted to do a First Look on camera and I was happy to oblige. I love it when I can get their sincere reactions on-camera.
This is Jared at first seeing his bride-to-be. Love it!
 Then it was time to get down to business and get some pictures before the sun went down.
Yummy light!
Oh c'mon, Brianna! You work it girl!
We were having some fun with this series!
Then, we headed over to the Salt Lake LDS Temple. They want to get sealed for eternity in a year and wanted to show that promise to each other. I love how these show that promise. :)

This is where Jared proposed to Brianna so that was special too.
Wow! I'm SO excited to be a part of their lives at this exciting time. To me, nothing beats the emotion and feelings that come from weddings. I'm a sucker for the romantic stuff. :)
It's this weekend! Not much longer! It's gonna be amazing!

Sneek Peek ~ First Look

I'm pretty proud of myself for doing better at posting these Sneek Peeks. They're pretty fun and I want to do more of them. :)
I did their Engagement pictures not too long ago and here is a sneek peek at their groomals. They wanted me to capture his reaction to seeing her in her dress. It was awesome. He ALMOST shed a tear. :) Brianna did look amazing!

Tiffany ~ Maternity Shoot | Utah Photographer

Whoops! Time has flown by since I last posted. This week we've been potty-training my 2 YO. I say we very's mostly my husband doing the training. I absolutely HATE potty-training and talked him into trying it this time around. He's a pro! She is pretty much trained and it's day 3. YESSSSS!
ANYWAY, This is the match to that beautiful belly I posted earlier. It's my sister! And she's having her baby in about 2 weeks! I'm SO excited for her to have a girl. She will LOVE having a girl. Girls are fun and I should know since I have 3 of them!
I absolutely LOVED the lighting during this shoot. We were cutting it really close with the sun setting but we got AWESOME light. I barely had to edit some of these. :) The ground was a different matter. It had snowed earlier that day (shocking I know since we've hardly had any snow!) Our shoes were pretty muddy when we were done.
Tiffany and David are going to make great parents. Love you guys!

Beautiful Belly ~ Sneek Peek

Who's belly might this be?

He Has My Heart...

This is why I'm behind posting sessions. I just love my little guy. I can't believe he's 4 months old already!

Elena~18 Months Old | Utah Photographer

What a sweet and sassy girl she's turning out to be! But she's gotta be with 5 older brothers and a sister.
She needed her doll for the first couple shots. We eventually got it away from her...then she wanted a stuffed elephant and then...well, we started singing songs and THAT distracted her enough to forget about the dolls and animals.  :)
Pretty blue eyes.
Then, we took it outside to a nearby park. We have been SO lucky this year with the warmer winter weather for pictures! Not so good for the skiers. :)
She was done by the time we took these pictures. She didn't even want to look at me. :( But then I gave her candy and she was my best friend again. Love those one year olds!