Weinle Family | Family Session

LOVE this family! My aunt wanted a session with all her kids and now they are all married and no kids. This hardly ever happens! But that won't be for long...I just found out today that Sean and his wife are expecting!! Yay!
Gotta have some bloopers! My uncle is such a goof!

My Family | Family Session

I was super excited to have my sister, Designs by TiffanyCo, do my Christmas cards this year! They are double-sided and she was able to fit little snippets of what we've been up to this year. I've done a newsletter in the past but people probably don't take time to read all of that so I told her what to write and she designed it perfectly. Hit her up if you need a card! It's not too late!

And here is my cute family. My daughter broke her arm and my 2 year old wouldn't smile. Tracie from Rock Love Photography tried EVERYTHING to get him to smile. Oh well. That's what our family is like right now and I love that she captured it. THANK YOU, girl!

Love my tribe and we've got some bloopers! Love it!

Bowers Family | Family Session

My cousin came to Utah from Washington was worked in a family shoot. I was so excited to see them and to capture her cute family with some fall colors. It was a little stressful getting there. I had the perfect fall location all picked out but as we entered Provo Canyon, the traffic was backed WAY up. We didn't know what was going on nor were we going to be able to get to the spot we wanted before the sun went down. So we pulled off at Canyon View (I think) Park. I went one way, while my husband scouted out the other way. I had no luck but he did! He found a path that connected to Timpanogas Cove (I think) Park and it was great! So many great spots to shoot at. Whew! Good thing they are family!
This shot was deadly! Bikers were whipping around the corners. My husband was keeping watch and we would jump off the path when they would come. I wouldn't have done this with younger kids but these guys all knew how to MOVE! Haha!
Blooper time! We had a fun time and we were always laughing. Love these guys!