Classic Family Photo Shoot

I got to do another new location! It's fun going to new spots and seeing what we can do there. They wanted it to be more green, but this was all I could come up with since the weather's not that great yet. But they're still happy.
My friend from when I was a kid (like 4 years old!) wanted me to do her family's pics! I just love seeing old friends. And she just had a baby 3 months before! Doesn't she look great?!
It's always tough doing young families, but I think it was harder on them than on me!! Thanks for letting me do your pics, Katie!

Urban Family Shoot

I think my favorite style to shoot is Urban. I just LOVED this old sugar factory that a friend told me about. The brick is awesome!
Anyway, enough about the location...this family was a referral. I'm a little nervous to do those cuz they already have expectations. But this family was easy! (Of course they didn't have any real little that helps!) It was freezing cold, but they stuck it out! I could just see the love this family has for each other while editing the pictures. They also brought their dog! I've NEVER photographed a dog before so I didn't quite know how to get his attention...but we eventually got him to look! It was great! I was really glad they brought him. Thanks, Becki, for letting me take pics of your fabulous family!