{So Thankful}

I'm so grateful for this time of year I have to reflect on the many things I have instead of the things I may want (like a new lens!). I'm so thankful for my wonderful family and especially for my husband that supports me when I'm rushing off doing photo shoots or my girls' nights out. I'm blessed to be able to do what I love and to meet all of you! Thank you!
And because posts are always better with a picture, here a FEW (sorry...I have a hard time cutting them down!)!! I took these back in October of my daughter and have finally edited them and am posting them.


{The Dunn Family}

I'm always excited to do my best friend's pictures. She lets me do whatever I want...even going to an old, scary, abandoned house. LOVE those locations! Her 3 year old wasn't too fond of the idea of pictures. In the last 3 years that I've done her pictures, she has yet to smile for me! Lil' stinker! Good thing she's so cute!
I also did Nicole's 6 month old baby's pictures. He has the biggest, blue eyes! We also got some great smiles!


i Heart Faces Autumn Entry

Here's my Autumn entry for i Heart Faces. These people are so great! I really enjoy participating in their challenges.
This was their mom's idea. I think it's so cute with the big sister reading to her little sister. And I love her expression.

{Kennedy Family}

It's so fun doing families that I know! It definitely takes the pressure off in a way.
She had some great ideas and I was happy to oblige! It helps me get my creative juices going instead of being stuck-in-a-rut.  The fishing and the book ones were all her. I LOVE how they turned out!
Her one-year-old was a little tough, but what 1yo isn't? Thanks, Meagan, for choosing me to take pictures of your cute family!



{A Baby is a Blessing}

In my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) when a baby is born, they get a name and a blessing by their father (or close relative). We make a big deal of it and have family and friends come. And, of course, she has to wear the beautiful dress! We also had a lunch afterward with Sadie being the star! Sorry for all the pictures about her lately...she's my most willing subject! ;)

These Kids are GREAT!

I had the privilege of taking pictures of these great kids. They are my best friend's, friend's kids. Got that? Anyway, my heart went out to her when I heard about her husband passing away in a plane accident 3 months ago. She has 3 young kids under the age of 4. I can barely handle it when my husband is gone on business. I wanted to do something for her, but I didn't know what. I asked my friend if she thought if she might want a photo shoot. She really wanted one. Great! I had the best time meeting her and her fun kids.
Shelly, I really enjoyed meeting you. I wish I had your strength. I hope that that I captured the true essence of these little angels of yours. You are an amazing woman. Thank you.


i Heart Faces Ballon Entry

I just love doing One Year Old sessions. They're so curious.

Happy Halloween!

I just had to post some of my baby girl!